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SANGY (Maurizio Sangineto) founder of MUSIX Records
Record Plant Studios | New York | 1982

High quality music.
Since 1982.

MUSIX Records is the label established 1982 in Italy by SANGY (Maurizio Sangineto), after a successful career started in 1978. Italian musician, guitar and bass player, composer, arranger and producer, he is one of the founders of Italian disco-dance music.

Starting from such a symbolic name (musix = many kinds of music), the mission has always been researching for high quality music, regardless of the genres.
In the years MUSIX Records released many refined music projects powered by SANGY, some today legendary as FIREFLY and THE ARMED GANG.

The label has been extended, in 1984, in Brazil creating the UNITED MUSIX CORPORATION in Rio De Janeiro with the support of Ludovico Festa Marzotto.
Then, in 2013, the label moved to London – UK, where it is actually based.

About the founder

SANGY (Maurizio Sangineto)
Multidisciplinary Artist, Musician, Composer, Art Director, Communicator, Naming Specialist.


He starts his artistic career in Music.
Guitarist of Gianna Nannini at the end of the 70s, he records in 1978 his first instrumental music album (“Steps”) forerunner of the most current fusion sounds

He then signs hits such as “Firefly”, first Italian production at the top of the American dance charts.During this period he produces artists and music projects as Amanda Lear, Creatures, Passengers, Alba Parietti, Armed Gang and many others that have marked the history of international dance.
For this activity he is today considered one of the founders of italian disco-dance music.

At that time he also wrote television themes, such as RAI for the Los Angeles Olympics Games, soundtracks for films and music for advertising.

He then extends the activity to video and film productions, signing documentaries, institutional films and commercials for companies such as Bugatti Automobili, Marzotto Group, Unicredit, World Gold Council, Arena di Verona, Pal Zileri and many others.  In this context he receives international awards and recognitions directing Rudolf Nureyev and Placido Domingo as director.
He also produces video clips for Italian authors such as Cristiano De Andrè, Andrea Mingardi, Giampiero Artegiani, Giovanni Nuti, and for international artists such as Isaac Delgado and Eliades Ochoa of Buena Vista Social Club.

At the beginning of 2000 he also deals with the Internet, of which he becomes a specialist, creating sites and portals such as the official ones of Roberto Mancini, of Paolo Rossi, of Cuban music in the world (, or VICENZA.COM.

He then deals with communication and image, and in particular with “naming” (creation of names), a subject in which he today is a specialis. The name “MUSIX” has been infact conceived by SANGY in 1982 as a powerful word meaning “music without limits”.

Today he brings together these synergistic experiences as Art Director and founder of the advertising agency “IDEAZIONI”, based in the heart of Vicenza, also active in Milan and London.

Starting from these professional experiences, he also in the last year started an innovative path to explore new expressive scenarios mixing Art with Communication.

A touch of Art

MUSIX has always been strictly close to Art, according to the culture and to the passion of its founder SANGY.

Designed by Roberto Floreani

The original MUSIX graphic label, for example, so original and  recognizable with its black on yellows impact style, has been friendly designed for SANGY in 1982 by a young italian artist, Roberto Floreani, today considered one of the most important italian painters.

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Designed by Aldo Capitanio

The cover and iconic logo of The ARMED GANG, for example, conceived by SANGY, was designed by Aldo Capitanio, one of the greatest italian illuustrators.

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Designed by Anna Pennati

The cover of JAMES KAHN, was designed by Anna Pennati, one of the most appreciated italian female painters.

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Designed by Franco Storchi

The covers of The CREATURES, another production powered by SANGY, was designed by Franco Storchi, one of thye most talented italian Science Fiction and starships designers.

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Designed by Antonio D’Agostini

The cover of ROBERT REDS was painted by Antonio D’Agostini, one of the most talented italian illustrators and portrait painters.

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Designed by Sangy

The cover of “LOVE” by FIREFLY, has been personally designed by SANGY as a symbol of universal love. It’s an example of Pop Art applied to music.

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