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With 5 active albums and millions of records sold worldwide in the legendary 80s, FIREFLY was the first entirely Italian band to reach the top of the American Billboard charts.

1981 Billboard Top 100 Disco Charts

On the 40th anniversary of the project’s birth, the 3 Firefly, SANGY (Maurizio Sangineto), Maurizio Cavalieri and Rolando Zaniolo, decided to make their fans a truly unexpected gift.
A brand new production, but with two “magic” ingredients that have their roots in the most classy dance ever produced.

Jay Rolandi (vocals), Maurizio Cavalieri (piano), SANGY (guitar)

“LOVE”, perfectly combines melody and harmony of two timeless successes: “Love is gonna be on your side”, the biggest hit on Firefly, with the wonderful “The glow of love” by Change, of which the sample is used original with the participation of Davide Romani and the young American rapper Rampage Rome, one of the emerging talents of musical Miami.

Rampage Rome, rapper

An engaging video was also made of the song, shot in Miami.

The whole project, from the lyrics to the cover, is a modern hymn to love, as the cover symbolizes perfectly.
It has been conceived and produced by SANGY.

“LOVE” (cover art by SANGY)

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