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First release: 1984

The project named JAMES KAHN, created by SANGY in 1984, is a rare example of melodic disco dance and funky electronic music, plus a touch of rap. A unique release, with the same ingredients of “The Armed Gang” project, become iconic in the years.


“When I started the music project called “James Kahn” I was searching for a new way to fuse italian melodic disco-dance with funky electronic music, with a touch of rap.
For this production I called my friend Kenny Claiborne, already involved in “The Armed Gang” project, as singer for an unusual vocal performance.
The name of this productions was inspired by the great american actor James Caan.
To add an artistic touch I asked a friend, today recognized artist, Anna Pennati, to create a fascinating painting to be used as cover, still enchanting after years.”


The project under the name James Kahn is in the Electronic Funky-Soul, Disco Dance and rap music field.

James Kahn is a brand created by SANGY in 1984 to explore a new way in the funky soul-disco dance music.
As singer for this record he choose a friend, Kenny Claiborne, already had, as part of the project “The Armed Gang”

The song, titled “One million stars”, was published in 1984.

It was recorded at RG Studio engineered by Sandy Dian. The song was composed, performed and co-arranged by Sangy.

The original mix between funky-soul and melodic italian disco-dance gave to this composition a magic mood, able to arrive until today still fresh, cool and exciting.
The record hasn’t been much popular when released, but in the years it become an icon of the best ’80s dance music.


Singles and 12″







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