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First release: 1983

With only one single released in 1983, “Baby come on”, produced, composed and performed by SANGY & Bottmann, the same team behind “The Armed Gang” project, the voice of this extremely talented american singer has become a classic of funky music ever.



“In 1983 James Otis White was a young military of the Vicenza US Base and I already had collaborated with him as added vocalist for my music project “The Armed Gang”.
He was very talented and I decided to compose and produce for his voice a new special production. At that time it was absolutely unusual to create that kind of music, so funky, in Italy and the results were not exciting. But in the years it slowly become a classic of funky music deeply appreciated among the funky music fans worldwide.”


The project under the name James Otis White is in the Electronic Funky-Soul music field.

James Otis White is a very talented american singer.
After his collaboration for the project “The Armed Gang” as added vocalist, SANGY released one single just for his voice.

The song, titled “Baby come on”, was published in 1983.

It was recorded at RG Studio engineered by Sandy Dian. The song was composed, performed and co-arranged by Sangy and Bottmann.

The extraordinary quality and extension of the James Otis White’s voice, from the lowest notes to the falsetto, gave to this composition a magic mood, able to arrive until today still fresh, cool and exciting.
The record hasn’t been popular, but in the years it become an icon of the best funky music.


Singles and 12″






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