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First release: 1983

With only one album, released in 1983, the project “Jean Pierre D’Ami” produced by SANGY, signed a classy page in the instrumental, fusion music for classic guitar ever.



“I started the project Jean Pierre D’ami after having known Pierangelo Tamiozzo, refined musician and owner of the recording studio where I produced my first album “Steps”. His talent in playing and his musical sensibility, convinced me to produce an album that in the years become a rare italian example of the instrumental fusion music for classic guitar.”


The project called “Jean Pierre D’Ami” is in instrumental, easy listening, smooth jazz, downtempo and classy fusion music.

“Jean Pierre D’Ami” is a music project created by SANGY (Maurizio Sangineto), and the italian musician Pierangelo Tamiozo, in art “Jean Pierre D’Ami”, both from the  city of Vicenza.

The productions consists in one instrumental music album published in 1983, simply titled “Jean Pierre D’Ami”.

A1 Rickshow 5:40
A2 I Choose You 3:53
A3 Quemada 3:18
A4 Arabesque 3:07
A5 My Lady (Introduction) 1:40

B1 My Lady 4:30
B2 Curacao 5:05
B3 Take You Time 4:50
B4 Flou 2:30

To produce this album, the duo has been supported, by some friends, good local musicians, and by Aldo Menti, as sound engineer.

Acoustic Guitar: Jean Pierre D’Ami
Arranged by Aldo Menti, Sangy
Cello: Annalisa Petrella, Lorenzo Carta, Riccardo Perraro
Conductor [Orchestra], Piano, Electric Piano : Aldo Menti
Congas: Lefty Medina, Massimo Tuzza
Drums: Giambra, Massimo Tuzza, Sangy
Photography by: Massimo Zucchetto
Producer, Electric Guitar, Bass, Percussion: Sangy
Synthesizer [Prophet 5]: Diego Michelon
Violins: Gianni Petrella, Ivo Serafini, Pieregidio Spiller, Roberto De Majo, Titti Legrenzi.

Songs composed by Jean Pierre D’Ami (tracks: A1 to A4, B2 to B4), and Sangy (tracks: A5, B1).

This record, much appreciated from the critics, remain an example of high quality music, perfect to be used as soundtrack for images or to create a refined ambient mood.






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