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The Italian artist Maurizio Potocnik, aka REEDS, returns on the international music scenes, after more than twenty years with two new singles.

Two fresh new productions with soft and sophisticated dance sounds that wink at the dance of the 80s.
Longing for music to go back to dreaming, to return to humming along a beach, to return to regain possession of simple, exciting feelings.

The first two singles “The Liar” and “Eyes of Daylight”, writtten, produced and arranged by Maurizio Potocnik are coming out in the international platforms and in the Italian radios in these days, on the British label “MUSIX” with the supervision of one of the most historical figures of the refined Italian musical productions: Maurizio Sangineto.

SANGY and REEDS already worked together many years ago, in the ’80’s.
The two new songs are published by Società Per Ideazioni (SIAE)

SANGY and REEDS back together again

But in reality this debut is only the beginning of a new international musical project that will involve both the great passions of the artist / writer: gourmet cuisine, wines and music, says Maurizio Potocnik, a well-known food and wine critic and publisher of successful guides and books, a graduate of the famous Conegliano Wine School in 1980 (winner of the best book in the world) “Cooking at the Gourmand World CookBook Award in Beijing in 2016).

Reeds, today successful publisher

This is why the first project in the world that combines music and food is born, an idea I enthusiastically threw myself into, I in fact, just finished “White Wine”, a song dedicated to white wine and and the bubbles of Prosecco Superiore, a territory that has just become a UNESCO heritage site, in which I will shoot the video among the vineyards during the grape harvest, but also pieces dedicated to chefs in the kitchen or to recipes
as “Raspberries and Coffee” a gormet salad invented with the collaboration of a famous chef who will excite listeners and vibrate your taste buds. “

Reeds, wine and foods expert

The kitchen is music and music is the rhythm of life!

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